Catherine Yeh

Hi, I'm Catherine! I'm a first-year computer science Ph.D. student @ Harvard University, advised by Prof. Martin Wattenberg and Prof. Fernanda Viégas in the Insight + Interaction Lab. My research interests lie at the intersection of human-AI interaction, interpretability, and visualization.

Previously, I received my B.A. in computer science + cognitive science @ Williams College. As an undergrad, I worked with Prof. Iris Howley to design an empirical framework for post-hoc explainable AI.

Thanks for visiting my page and feel free to reach out anytime!


AttentionViz: A Global View of Transformer Attention

Catherine Yeh, Yida Chen, Aoyu Wu, Cynthia Chen, Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg

In Submission | Preprint, Demo, Github

Designing for Student Understanding of Learning Analytics Algorithms

Catherine Yeh, Noah Cowit, Iris Howley

AIED 2023 | To appear

Envisioning the Next-Gen Document Reader

Catherine Yeh, Franck Dernoncourt, Nedim Lipka

AAAI 2023 Scientific Document Understanding Workshop | Paper, Github

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: The Covid Pandemic Through the Lens of Four Tech Workers

Jenna Butler, Catherine Yeh

Communications of the ACM (CACM) + ACM Queue 2022 | CACM, Queue

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April 2023

  • Designing for Student Understanding of Learning Analytics Algorithms, was accepted as a full paper to AIED 2023! More details to come.

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August 2022

  • Started my Ph.D. at Harvard!

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