Student. Artist. Daydreamer.

Hi, I'm Catherine!

I'm currently a junior at Williams College studying computer science and cognitive science. I also love making art and finding new ways to combine my passions.

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Art has always been my greatest passion - it's my favorite form of creative expression and stress relief. I've experimented with a lot of media over the years, but right now I'm loving watercolor, oil, and acrylic. My main sources of inspiration include impressionist art, nature, and Studio Ghibli.

Computer Science

I love incorporating art & design into my CS projects. I have extensive experience with front end development, UI/UX design & research, and data visualization/analytics. I'm currently working on research at the intersection of HCI and AI and have interned at Lumi Labs & Oracle Cloud.

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I'm definitely an amateur photographer but I love exploring new destinations and documenting my travels through pictures. Currently, my favorite places that I've traveled to are Hallstatt, Austria and Brugge, Belgium . Feel free to check out some of my latest adventures here!

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